Inky Pig Press is a publisher dedicated to thoughtful children's stories.  We are pleased to announce the release of Fang’s Garden Adventure.  Fang the cat brings his thoughtful curiosity into the peaceful garden next door, where he experiences an unexpected adventure with Inky, the guinea pig.  Fang will appeal to children and cat lovers everywhere who appreciate the thoughtfulness of cats.


  • Fang's Garden Adventure
    Fang's Garden Adventure continues the story about a thoughtful cat as he ventures into the garden next door, where Inky the guinea pig lives. The garden is a very peaceful place until suddenly Fang is once again challenged to save the day.
  • Fang the Cat
    Fang is very much a typical cat. He and his friends share their everyday life in their perfect home, until one day...
  • El Gato Fang
    Fang es un gato típico. Fang y sus amigos pasan sus días en un hogar perfecto, hasta que un día...
  • Kindle e-book version of Fang the Cat
    The guinea pigs finally finished the carrots and grapes, and the Kindle e-book version of Fang as well.
  • Kindle e-book version of Fang's Garden Adventure


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